Two Years with Bean and My Favorite Dog Products

Last Sunday I got on Facebook (which isn't something I do very often anymore) and the memory at the top of my feed was this photo of my little Lemon Bean on the first night I brought her home! I had been planning on doing a post about her at some point, and since it's been two years since I got her, it seemed like good timing :)

She is such a funny little thing, and she brings so much joy to our lives it's kind of ridiculous. I'm not one of those people who thinks of animals as being equal to a person (I know she's just a dog), but I do make plenty of fur baby jokes and she's very important to us.

I work part time, but there's been times over the past couple of years when I didn't even do that, and having her here is so great. I don't think it's good to always be by yourself, and a pet is such a good companion to have around. Lemon is playful, snuggly, funny, and she gives me something to do and focus on. She follows me everywhere, and she has such a good personality. Having had several pets over the years, it always surprises me just how different animals' personalities can be. And they're so much smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.

We used to have an aussie/heeler mix several years ago, and unfortunately he was not the breed of dog for us. I did a lot of things wrong with him, and he was just too much to handle. Dane could not stand him, and I ended up having to find him a new home. It took so much convincing for Dane to agree to get another one!

I had been begging and begging for months, and Dane finally agreed to some of my terms (small, inside dog, non-shedding) and I thought I had a breed picked out and I was going to start saving my money. I originally wanted a Havanese puppy (look them up, they are the dang cutest!!) but they are super pricey, so I was perusing Craigslist on a regular basis in case something came up that was a good deal.

Well, one afternoon, I got home from work and started browsing online. I saw an ad for some schnoodle puppies (mini schnauzer/poodle mix) that were as cute as all get out! One of my favorite bloggers/card makers Amanda from Wit & Whistle has two adorable schnoodles, so I knew they were little teddy bear dogs. I did some research on the breed, and they make for such a good pet. Plus, when we were first married, we had a mini schnauzer that was stolen from us, so we knew we liked that breed.

I called Dane and commenced to begging again, haha! It took some bargaining, but he agreed to let me go pick one out, and I was over the moon!

I knew I wanted a girl, and they had a few sable colored girls, and one black. I thought I wanted a lighter colored dog, so I was looking at the lightest of the sables and I was planning on picking her out. Well, I got there and my plans changed very quickly! The family handed the one I picked to me but then the littlest of the litter, this tiny black thing, came waddling over. I picked her up and just melted!

That was it for me. I said it within seconds, this was the one I wanted, and it was just too funny that Dane and I had already decided on the name Lemon after Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, haha! Not very fitting for a black dog, but that's what it was and I think it suits her just fine ;) Plus, I started calling her Lemon Bean almost immediately. So now she goes by Lemon, Lemon Bean, Bean, Bean-Bean, and occasionally Yemen or Melon, because apparently it's a hard word for toddlers.

She has been my little shadow for the last two years, and even Dane couldn't help but admit that she was very cute when I got her home. Now he's gotten almost as attached to her as I am, and she loves him too. She practically throws him a ticker tape parade every day when he gets home from work, and she will lay on his lap and stare at him so adoringly, it makes us laugh so hard!

She's such a friendly dog, and she loves people, other dogs, cats, you name it. And I ask Dane all the time, "Aren't you so glad you let me go and get her?" And he is :)

I also thought today that I'd share some of our favorite dog products, as well as some things I have on my wish list.

  1. These treats are hands-down Lemon's favorites. She goes absolutely nuts for them, and I love them because they clean her teeth. One downside of the poodle gene is that they have notoriously bad teeth as they get older, so one way I'm trying to prevent that is by giving her these. And I feel like too much wheat is bad for anyone, so I love that they come in a grain-free option!
  2. These little bouncy balls are durable, and they have a squeaker that isn't terribly easy to get to make sound, which means it's less annoying. Plus, it has a hole for putting treats and it makes a great puzzle toy she can work on for long periods of time. It usually hangs out in the car for her to have something to do while we're in town.
  3. This de-tangler might be the number one must have on the list, especially for poodle mixes, or any dog that has high maintenance hair. Since Lemon is a non-shedding breed, her hair has a tendency to get knots and mats pretty easily. Rubbing a little of this over her fur before I brush her makes it so much easier, and it even gets tough matting out! I just use a little extra on those spots and voila! 
  4. Now we're onto my wish list items. While a treat jar is probably a must, this one is so cute that I may have to get it once we move into the new house. How adorable would it look on a shelf?
  5. Lemon has had a few different beds since we've gotten her, and I've been able to figure out what works with some trial and error. This bed has a removable cover that will make washing easier than her current bed. Plus, it's super affordable and available on Prime!
  6. Lastly is this squeaky pig. Lemon had a little squeaky pig toy when we first brought her home, and she loved it so much! So when I come across squeaky pigs, I gotta have them! This one has the highest durability rating for this brand, and I actually got her a smaller one that was rated a few steps down. Normally she will destroy a stuffed toy in 10 minutes, but that one lasted a couple of weeks. Since this one seems so much tougher, I think she's going to be getting it for Christmas :) (yes, my dog gets Christmas presents, haha!)
So there you have it, my must haves and wants for my little Bean. Do any of you have a pet that is special to you? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, and I may receive some compensation from purchases made through them.

The Forever Cottage Inspo: The Exterior

This last weekend was a busy one for working on the house. Well, it's always busy I guess, but it's been a while since I actually worked long and hard on something myself, Dane's been doing most of the work lately. But he needed help putting up fascia board (the edge board you see that covers the end of the joists) and I started paint prep!

We get so much rain here in southern Oregon, I wanted to get the exterior painted before it really gets going. Usually it hits in October sometime, so we're kind of racing to get the roofing done and most of the exterior before that happens. It's still showing clear for the 10 day forecast though, so fingers crossed it will stay nice weather for a while!

There isn't really much I need to do to the new part of the house as far as prep before painting (although there will be a ton of caulking at some point soon), but the original part of the house really needed some attention before I could do any painting. It's obvious it hadn't been painted in a really long time, maybe over 20 years! And most of it was peeling and flaking off.

To get a good adhesion with the new paint, I had to get all of the loose stuff off, which required going over it with a pressure washer, going over it all by hand and scraping it, and then pressure washing one more time! It was as much work as it sounds. It took me three days!

Now that it's done though, it looks so much cleaner without all the flaky paint and cobwebs, in spite of all the missing paint, haha! And now I have a smooth slate for priming and painting. I wrapped that up today, and here's what it looks like now.

The plan is to start painting this week, and since I will definitely be sharing an update when that's done, I thought I'd show you some of my inspiration for it!

I had a really hard time deciding on a color for the house, because I actually really loved the green it was originally, and I also love super dark colored houses. But when it came down to it, I decided to go with white, since I've been wanting a white house for years! I figured I'd regret it if I didn't do it.

We're also doing a gabled front entry, that will be enclosed on the sides and only open on the front. Our house is far from a Tudor style house, but I kept coming back to them for their front entries and so I took inspiration from them for ours. It's not built yet, but it will be done soon!

And lastly, I know we're doing a wood front door, and I got some brick on craigslist for our front steps and walkway.

It's going to be so exciting seeing the outside come together, and it's a pretty big check off the list. Soon, we'll be moving onto the interior, and man am I ready for that!

So what do you think? I know white houses are very trendy right now, but I just love them so much! Are you on the white house bandwagon too? What are some of your favorite exterior details?

Have a great rest of your day, and thanks for stopping by!

Neat Stuff Friday | 4

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, and I may receive some compensation from purchases made through them.

Happy first day of fall!

It's been perfectly fall-ish here this week, with some rain and cool weather, and today it's sunny and cool and a Friday, so win-win-win if you ask me :)

I'm hoping some good progress can be made this weekend on the house. Dane will be working on our front entry and my job for the weekend will be stripping the interior doors for the house. They are vintage five-panel doors from the early 1900s and luckily they only seem to have one layer of paint on them! But in the interest of having a better finished product, I'm going to strip them down and re-paint them.

I'm looking forward to enjoying some more outside time this weekend and soaking in the perfect weather. And maybe finalizing my exterior paint color as well! Now, onto that neat stuff I came across this week.


  1. Did you catch our anniversary post this year? I found a very cool spot to have a romantic picnic for our date!
  2. Apparently there's a rumor that instagram is going to be changing it's layout from a three photo grid. Does that bother you, or are you like, meh?
  3. I have a growing pile of clothes that need some minor adjustments, including some jeans that need hemmed. I found this tutorial and I think it'll be just what I need!
  4. If you're not following my fall board on pinterest, you really should be ;) it just makes me so happy, and if you love fall as much as me, you might find some good inspiration there!
  5. This post is making me really want to do pine boards for our flooring. I have been tossing the idea around for a while, and that color is just so close to what I'm picturing for our house!
  6. I've been seeing this rug around being layered under a front entry rug. So cute! And pretty inexpensive too :)
Alright, I hope you all have a fantastic first weekend of fall! Thanks for stopping by!

9 Years of Marriage

Yesterday we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary!

In July we hit our decade mark of being together, and it seems like so long ago, and also like it was just yesterday. That's a long time to get to know somebody!

I'd like to think we've learned a thing or two over nine years, but I don't think I'm one to give marriage advice. We've had our ups and downs, good times and bad, like any marriage. And nine years is enough time to get comfortable and know each other pretty well, but even after all this time, I think we're still learning some things. As your life changes, so do you, and still, on occasion, we learn things about the other one that we didn't know.

Overall though, we know each other's likes and dislikes and I always joke that we are two peas in a pod! We have a tendency to say the same things and read the other's thoughts all the time, and we always get a good laugh out of it when we do.

And that's probably what I'd say my favorite thing is about us, the laughing. We are both kind of dorky, and we love to make each other laugh. We have the same sense of humor, and we enjoy being silly. I would say laughing is the best way we get over arguments. It's hard to stay mad when you're laughing together, haha!

Alright, that's probably enough mushy-gushy about us, and I wanted to share how we celebrated this year! I had a hard time coming up with something fun to do that was a little out of the ordinary. We wanted to go out, but we've tried most of the restaurants in our town, and even though we love to go to our favorite places, I wanted something a little different.

I was up the night before, wracking my brain, and since southern Oregon has some cool hidden spots, I decided to get on google maps and see if anything came up. We both enjoy being outdoors, and the weather this week has been perfectly fall, so it seemed like something would work out! I was scanning around our area and the name Mckee popped out at me.

I looked it up, and it turned out to be the Mckee covered bridge over Applegate River. It's no longer in use for driving, but it's a pedestrian bridge with a day use park next to it. Apparently in the summer, it's a great swimming spot, but I figured (correctly) that 57 degrees and a chance of showers would give us the whole place to ourselves. So, after work, I had Dane pick up pizza and meet me and I drove us out there. He didn't know where we were going until we arrived, and I lucked out and he'd never been there before either ;)

So we had ourselves a romantic little pizza picnic, and checked out the old bridge. There was also a covered gazebo that had a neat vintage piano (that worked!) but I didn't get a picture before it got dark. It was so nice, and we both agreed that we enjoyed it more than if we'd just gone to a nice restaurant. And the setting was so neat, I think we'll definitely be back.

Now, in the interest of transparency, here's some blog/instagram vs. reality for ya! ;)

Here's what I had pictured in my head:

And here's what it actually looked like, haha!!

Still nice, but definitely less pretty!

If you live in the southern Oregon area, I definitely recommend checking this place out, and if not, maybe check and see if there are any cool historical places in your own area!

Happy Thursday, and happy fall eve! Thanks for stopping by :)

Neat Stuff Friday | 3

Happy Friday! It's even happier, because it seems like fall has finally shown up here in southern Oregon :)

The weather has cooled off, the smoke we've been getting from wildfires has drastically improved, and I'm already wearing sweaters and boots! Plus, the other day I saw one of our grocery stores had pumpkins out too, hence the phrase above ;)

I just shared a house update last week but we've already made more exciting progress, and so I'll be back with another one next week. Sometimes the process still feels painfully slow, but it's coming along and it's been so fun watching the house take shape.

And now for some neat stuff! 


  1. I found this recipe last week and it's been sounding so good. I plan on making it for breakfast tomorrow morning for sure!
  2. I thought this picture was way funnier than it probably is haha! And the caption, "shrooms just wanna have fungus." LOL
  3. When we bought our house it was painted a (peeling) dark green that I actually really liked. But I've wanted a white house for so long I stuck to my original plan and decided white it was, even though I also love DARK houses. Then this post came along and had me reconsidering again! I'll probably still stick with white, but dang those houses look good!
  4. Some of you may not want to hear it, but did you know Christmas is only 100 days away?! Just another reason to add to this article I read a couple weeks ago.
  5. Fall always feels like a fresh start to me. I just started running again, and it seems like a good time to re-set. Here's some more wellness tips just in time for this new season.
And with that, I'm off to get some things done so I can enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

The Forever Cottage: Framing and Siding

I'm finally back with a house update for you all!

It seemed like a slow summer in terms of progress, but we've actually gotten a ton done since the last time I posted an update. Right now we're in the process of trying to beat the rainy season and get the outside wrapped up and roofed. So far we're on track, but we really only have a month or so until the rains usually come, so wish us luck that we can get it done!

Dane's been working on things like crazy, and I'm so appreciative :) I have my own list of things I need to do while the weather is still warm and dry, and then it'll be onto the best part: the interior!

But first, let me run you through our progress.

We got the foundation poured in June, and let me tell you, that part took so stinking long! There's a lot of little details and when you're mostly a one person operation, it takes a chunk of time. Then we got our rough plumbing done, and subfloor laid.

After subfloor came one of the most exciting parts, the framing! It took a couple of weeks to get the framing completed, but it was so fun to see it start taking shape. To actually be able to walk around inside and see the sizes of the rooms was so awesome, I was practically giddy!

Next came our outdoor siding, and now it's really looking like a house. We decided to match the existing siding on the old part of the house instead of re-siding the whole thing, and I actually really like the siding. It's not something I've seen very often, (it's more common to see it where the gaps are spaced farther apart) and I think it's pretty cute. Dane got that finished last week and sometime in the next few weeks I'm going to start painting! :)

Our list for the coming month includes: building our front entry (which should have been done already, but I didn't finalize what I wanted until a couple weeks ago. Whoops!), fine tuning where to two parts of the house connect, installing ceiling joists, new fascia, roofing, and painting! In fact, our joists are coming in this week and they'll be going up this weekend!

After a summer of what felt like crawling at a snail's pace at times, it feels so good to be making some big, visible progress. And I should say, I am way better at sharing up to date progress over on my instagram stories, so if you aren't following me over there, you should ;)

That's all I have for today, but soon I'll be sharing all of my light fixtures (which I did already share on instagram), and some more inspo posts. I hope you all have a great Thursday, and thanks for stopping by!

Neat Stuff Friday | 2

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, and I may receive some compensation from purchases made through them.

Well, it's been a few Fridays, but I'm back again with some neat stuff!

I also kept intending to share a house update with you all the last couple of weeks, but life's been busy! If you follow me on instagram you've probably been seeing my updates there, but the house looks so different from the last time I shared anything here on the blog.

Next week for sure I will have an update post for you all, and maybe a video too ;)

Neat Stuff

  1. I'm so ready for fall, it's not even funny. I've been wearing this perfect nail polish from the photo above, and it might be my favorite ever!
  2. Here's a super pretty screen saver/September calendar from Place of My Taste that is perfect for fall. It's available for your desktop or phone!
  3. This crazy huge fire is only about 30 miles away from us in the neighboring county. It's taken out some homes already, and it's creating a massive amount of smoke for southern Oregon and northern California. Just another reason for fall to come soon, for the rain!
  4. Simply Grove shared this beautiful bedroom refresh on her blog and I just love how it turned out. So pretty!
  5. Lastly, what a great way to mix summer and fall than with a no-churn apple pie ice cream recipe? Check it out over on Boxwood Ave :)
And that's all the neat stuff for this week. Have a safe and happy labor day weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

Family Time at the Oregon Coast

A couple weeks ago we went to the Oregon coast with my parents and siblings for my dad's 50th birthday :) We stayed at this little town called Yachats (Yaw-hawts) that my parent's always like to stay in, just a little bit south of Newport, Oregon. I intended to share some pictures from the trip last week, but those post-vacation-blues got to me (and things got busy) and I wasn't able to get it done.

It was one of those weeks where Monday seemed to stretch into more than one day, and everything I touched I made a big mess! I over-flowed my sink, I spilled everything I touched, and then I was under the weather while also being super busy. It was actually kind of funny, but this Monday is turning out to be much better haha.

The trip was a lot of fun though, and it was great to have a whole week of hanging out with my family at the beach. And the weather! It was perfect, kind of chilly some days, and definitely sweater weather! I'm always happy when it's sweater weather, haha!

One day was pretty warm and we lucked out and had almost no wind, so we went swimming in the ocean that day. The hotel we stayed at was right on a wide, flat part of the beach, and you can go out really far into the water and it doesn't get very deep. It's a great swimming beach when the weather is good.

We also were nearby the Oregon Coast Aquarium and so we spent one afternoon walking around there. It was more fun than I thought it was going to be (I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be, but things like that just aren't usually my first choice), and it had been so long since I'd been to an aquarium, it was pretty cool to see.

My favorites were the jelly fish and the harbor seals (which I didn't get a good picture of) and the sea anemones :)

I also convinced my parents to come hike up to the lookout at Cape Perpetua, even though it was so foggy/smoky that day that you couldn't really see down to the coast. I just love how that area is both woods and coast, and I wanted to go enjoy some of the trees :) even though we couldn't see down, it was still fun!

I had a lot of fun, my sisters and I played nertz almost every night, and it was nice to spend some time with my parents since I hadn't seen them since June. There was a lot of silliness, and good times, and lots of photo evidence ;) haha!

I just love my little sisters! :)

In other news, I also have a house update to share with you this week, so it's a good week on the blog, haha! I thought I would have one way sooner than this, but that is house building as I'm finding out, so stay tuned for that.

I hope your Monday is treating you well, and thanks for stopping by!

Neat Stuff Friday | 1

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, and I may receive some compensation from purchases made through them.

Today I thought I'd do something a little new. I have done different 'currently' and 'lately' type posts but I was thinking it might be nice to do something once in a while on Fridays to share some things I think are neat. 

It might be products I'm using, articles I've read, music I'm listening to. So basically it's just like previous 'currently' posts, but these will hopefully happen every Friday haha!

Neat Stuff

  1. To start, that photo above was inspired by this article. I really struggle with being in the here and now and not focusing on the future all the time, so it was a nice reminder to focus on the grass I have now. I've been practicing my brush lettering a lot and literally writing anything that catches my attention, and I was particularly happy with how that turned out.
  2. Chris Loves Julia had a great post the other day about tips on maintaining and cleaning your cookware. A lot of it I knew, but some things I didn't, so maybe some of you will find it helpful also!
  3. I just bought this new Whitelines sketchbook (I bought the gridded notebook) and so far I'm loving it. The idea is that you get the grids and lines you need to keep everything straight, but when you digitize, the white lines fade away into the background vs black lines that would take time to get rid of. I've used it for a couple of things and it works great! I can't wait to fill it up :)
  4. I also just bought a bunch of multi-colored foam beads for putting into homemade slime. You know, the stuff that all those kids are obsessed with, and you probably made for a science project when you were in middle school. I intended to make it with my nieces, but I had to make some practice batches first to make sure I knew what I was doing....Here's a slime recipe I used. 
  5. I can't stop pinning beautiful pictures of mountains and forests lately! And Pinterest won't stop recommending them to me, haha! They're so beautiful, I couldn't pick just one, so check out my board here

So that's it for the neat stuff this week! It's been a busy one, but this weekend we're headed out of town to the beach with my family for my dad's birthday. I'm kind of glad the Oregon coast tends to be a little cooler, because I get to bust out some sweaters and escape the triple digit weather that's hitting our area next week!

I hope you guys have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


The Forever Cottage Inspo: The Kitchen

We're trucking along and making somewhat slowish, but steady progress on the house. If things go as planned, I should have an exciting update on it next week! But for today I thought I'd share some of my kitchen inspiration. 

One thing that we've already bought (because they were on sale!) is our windows. I really wanted black windows, and so after some research, I found the best budget friendly option for them out there! We went with Andersen 100 Series windows, and we ordered them last spring during Home Depot's windows and doors sale. But, since we were no where near ready to install them, they've been in storage ever since. 

This picture is a big one on my list of inspiration. I looked at a ton of pictures of kitchens with black windows, but this one is my favorite. I love the white walls, and the way they make the windows really pop. And it has all of my favorite things, black+white, warm wood, brass hardware, and greenery!

Here are some other things I'm looking at.

I love inserted hood ranges, and I think it's necessary anyway because I'm not planning on doing any upper cabinets at all! Call me crazy, but I just love the look of open shelving, and there will be plenty of storage without them. Dane loves the idea because it's cheaper haha ;)

There are several cabinet color options that I really like (I love those wood ones), but I always keep coming back to black. It's always been a favorite of mine, and I feel like you can't go wrong with such a solid neutral color. But, I have tossed around the idea of a dark olive green, so I could surprise myself and choose that when it comes down to it!

Right now I'm planning on medium brown wood floors, white counters (maybe concrete) and a subway tiled backsplash. I've been hearing rumors that subway tile is out, and I get it. When something dominates as much as subway tile has, people get tired of looking at it. But, we used it in our last two remodels and didn't get to enjoy it at all! Literally weeks after tile went up, we moved out :( I may decide to try a different tile layout, but I still do love the classic.  I also thought about some pretty patterned cement-like tiles, but honestly, I think I would get tired of that really fast, in spite of how pretty it is. So, tried and true it is.

The layout of our house is a little different than most people are probably used to, like I mentioned in a previous post. You walk right into our dining room/kitchen, so I want it to make a really good first impression. Something cozy and welcoming, with lots of character. And our dining table is going to float in the center of the room, so I'm picturing something old, rustic, and warm. These pictures above  are really pulling that off!

Some of these pictures might not seem that similar, but they all have colors and details that I really love. Plus, I'm focusing more on the mood and feel I get from them, and trying to incorporate that into the plans than trying to copy every exact thing. There's a particular feel that I have always loved in houses, no matter what's currently trendy or popular, so I think if I focus on that, maybe I won't get tired of things quickly as trends start to change. 

And, let's be honest, some of these places (like so much of Pinterest) are much higher end and extravagant than our house is going to be! So my goal is to focus on the things that I know I like (warm wood, black+white, olive green, a touch of rustic, a touch of traditional, a touch mid-century) and make it work for our home :)

There you have it, our new kitchen inspiration! What do you think? Should I continue to do these posts for some of the other rooms in our house? Let me know!

Happy Wednesday folks, and thanks for stopping by!

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